Friday, February 25, 2011

Arriver Paris

Ahhh, Paris...

Here I sit in my beautiful parisian apartment with rain hitting the skylight. Sipping a nice white wine and listening to TSF Jazz.

Life is good.

After a day of getting acquainted with my neighborhood, I can say I think I chose well.

Great little shops, brasseries and cafes abound. Interspersed by an array of very Missionesque hipsters. Or "bobo's" as I have learned they are called here. A very apt name that will be brought back to SF with me...

The route (NYC, Iceland) I took to get here was excellent. the Blue Lagoon is definitely a worthy destination for any lover of hot baths. Although I must say I was less enraptured by the idea of rubbing the clay on my face than my fellow patrons. Especially after picking up numerous clumps only to find a disturbing amount of other peoples hair trapped within. Definitely glad I sprang for the exclusive lounge and would highly recommended it to any visitor, the private changing room and shower alone were worth the admission price.

I post the above picture because I know Mike is a big fan of the "troll under the bridge" that I randomly captured, this ones for you dear.

Although I was told that the food in Iceland was horrible I did manage to find a little restaurant called Fiskfelagid (or The Fish Company in English) Apparently its about a year old and the chef has already won the prestigious best chef in Iceland award.

I thought the food was quite tasty although for the molecular gastronomy thing they are doing the portion sizes were HUGE.

This one here is the beer crusted Artic Char and dry crusted Salmon, with walnut powder, Salmon Roe, real mustard sauce and malt ice cream.

Its a starter, you should've seen the size of the main course! Then again I suppose Iceland was populated by Vikings, they are probably not used to normal fine dining portion sizes.

I mean just look at the difference in size when compared to this starter of Caviar Over a Crisp Poached Egg, Smoked Salmon from L'Atelier de Joel Rubuchon in NYC.

Which I believe it goes without saying was absolutely fabulous!

The whole meal both food and company (being joined as I was by my BFF Katie) were awesome.

I mean really just spectacular....

Ok I suppose thats all for now -- I am planning to hit up this little taco stand (yes you read that right) around the corner from my apartment, if this rain ever lets up...

According to some Ex-Pat Missionite San Franciscan's it's like a taste of home and worth trying, I'll be the judge of that...

More pics and tales will follow, until then I bid you all a fond adieu.