Monday, June 8, 2009

fromhils' Quick Chicken Recipe (Submission to @fandw)

RT @fromhils: @fandw chix leg, rub thym, truffle mustrd, oil. Brown chix. Chix+wedge potato w/ garlic-shallot in oven 375, 20m. Deglze pan sherry+butter 4 sauce

This recipe is one of my favorite old standbys. It is quick, very easy and delicious. The best part is that the short active time makes it perfect for a weekday evening diner party.

Roasted Chicken w/ Fingerling Potatoes

(Prep to Table approx. 45 minutes, Active time 15)

Serves 4


4 P. Organic, Free-Range Chicken

(leg and thigh, attached)

4 T Honey Truffle Mustard (Far West Fungi makes a great one:

10P. Sm. Fingerling Potatoes

4T Chopped Thyme - Fresh

1 Sm. Shallot (finely chopped)

4 T Olive Oil

1 Sm. Garlic Clove (finely chopped)

3T Sherry

3T Butter

Salt & Pepper

Pre-heat oven to 375°

For Chicken:

Clean and trim the Chicken as needed, leaving the skin intact

Mix together, Mustard & 2T each of the Olive Oil and Thyme.

Spread mixture evenly and lightly over the chicken (both over and under the skin). Salt and Pepper generously (preferably coarse kosher or sea salt & coarse fresh ground black pepper)

Heat a large deep-sided (at least 2") oven-safe skillet on high until just smoking. Place the chicken, skin side down to brown.


While the chicken is browning, slice the potatoes into small wedges and toss with remaining Olive Oil, Thyme, Shallot & Garlic. Salt and Pepper generously (preferably coarse kosher or sea salt & coarse fresh ground black pepper).

Once browned transfer chicken to a plate. Close the fire and deglaze pan w/ 1T of the sherry. Transfer the potatoes to the waiting pan and toss gently in pan juices.

Return chicken to the pan, skin-side up, placing directly on top of the potatoes, add 1T of the butter (cut into little pieces & spread throughout the dish) and approx 3T water (or white wine) cover and place in the waiting oven.

Cook approx. 25 minutes . Until potatoes are slightly softened and browned (a little bite should remain, the crunchy bits are delicious) & chicken is cooked through.

Transfer Chicken and Potatoes to a warmed serving platter.

Return pan to stove-top on Medium and deglaze with remaining Sherry, add butter and mix till fully incorporated. Pour sauce over chicken and potatoes.

Accompaniment: A simple salad of mixed lettuce w/ red wine vinaigrette

Wine: Serves well with white, rose and lighter reds. Such as: Elyse Rose 2006, Kistler “McCrea” 2006, or Hirsch Vineyards Pinot Noir 2006