Saturday, October 4, 2008

I've got peppers!

Back again, this time with pics of my pretty new peppers beginning to grow.

On the bell plant, so far I am looking at a single bell pepper but there are some new blossoms that look pretty promising. I think I'll let this one ripen on the plant till it becomes a red pepper as the green ones tend to give me a tummy ache..

Here's a pic of its early stages:

I also have a nice jalapeno starting, there are a couple very promising looking flowers in bloom right now on this plant. When I have a few on hand I think I have to try my hand at making a relish like the awesome one Diane made (Mike and I got to try it this summer in VT).

Check it out:

The Serrano and Anaheim pepper plants are showing some flowering blossoms, hopefully they will hold and soon peppers will be growing there too.

I also noticed this morning that my zucchini may be just about ready to bloom. I may soon have my first blossoms, here's some pics of what I think will soon be a blossom:


Everything else is going great the ants have stopped invading my lemon tree which is excellent! Although unfortunately the fruit-flys are still loving my whole garden but I guess in the bay area that is to be expected. You can actually see a bit of their handy work when you look at the leaves of the bell pepper plant. Luckily however the bit of soap burn (from the organic insect killing soap) on the leaves seems to be the only effect to date.

Made a batch of bagels for Mike and I this morning too which turned out very yummy, threw a bunch in the freezer so we would have easy breakfasts when we want. No pics of this but soon enough I'll make a nice gourmet dinner again and post some pics of that.

till then, luv ya.